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A Sunday in Hell: 1976 Paris-Roubaix
A Sunday in Hell: One of the greatest cycling films of all time! Highly acclaimed Danish director and documentary filmmaker Jorgen Leth brings you the drama of Paris-Roubaix in a
film that became a foreign classic in the U.S. "A Sunday in Hell" is a psychological and dramatic study of the battle between Merckx, DeVlaeminick, Marten and Moser. Over 90 minutes of spine-tingling suspense that leave the viewer limp from vicarious excitement. "Merckx, De Vlaeminck, Martens and Moser - a gallery of great names clash in battle over the pave. We are mesmerized by Leth's perceptive vision of what a spring classic means. A true masterpiece of cycling cinematography.
The film itself, directed by Jorgen Leth, is a polished and well-crafted documentary that succeeds in capturing not just the events of the 1976 edition of Paris-Roubaix, but also the whole atmosphere of a professional bicycle race. The film begins with the introduction of the major contenders for victory: Merckx, De Vlaeminck (the previous year's winner), Martens, and Moser, each with their supporting riders who are determined to help their team leader cross the finish line first. This opening material is one of the parts of A Sunday in Hell that make it highly accessible to viewers who are new to cycling,
because it lets the viewer know who are the major "characters" to watch out for.
As the film progresses, it takes the viewer through the pre-race preparations by the riders, to the start of the race, to the events of the race itself, and finally to its exciting finale. Because this is a documentary, not specifically race coverage, we're given an overview of the whole experience of the race, including from the perspective of spectators and race organizers;
However, the main focus of the film is rightfully on the exciting events of the race itself. The narrator does an excellent job of describing what's going on, and, more importantly, explaining the reasons behind what the riders are doing. There's a great deal of information and insights about professional bicycle racing that is incorporated into the film. By the end of the 95-minute documentary, even a viewer who was completely unfamiliar with cycling will have a great sense of what bicycle racing is all about, and why it's such an exciting sport, while racing fans will also have gotten a great sense of the personalities, strategies, and racing styles of some of cycling's greatest riders in one of cycling's most famous races.

Ayer como tocaba visita familiar, otro día en blanco. A ver si hoy se puede hacer algo.

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Leí el reportaje del pais el otro día.
Sólo con ver las fotos de flecha y horrillo te haces una mínima idea de la dureza de aquello.. q miedo!!
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